(6:14:34 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: you there babe???
(6:38:02 PM) kij - changing the same: ehhh i'm not a babe lol.
(6:38:08 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: hey whats up??
(6:38:25 PM) kij - changing the same: thumbs up.
(6:38:37 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: i'm 21/f your a male right?
(6:38:51 PM) kij - changing the same: yes.
(6:38:55 PM) kij - changing the same: 29/m
(6:39:01 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: okay cool, so what you up too??
(6:39:14 PM) kij - changing the same: cheese and beer!
(6:39:26 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: hey tell me if this worked,i've been trying to upload some new pics, tell me what you think :P, don't be mean! http://www.showinvite.net/3yh
(6:39:47 PM) kij - changing the same: i'm a vampire.
(6:39:56 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: hey, I know a way we can chat and have some fun.. do you cam at all?
(6:40:13 PM) kij - changing the same: i have CAMFROG.
(6:40:24 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: Well i don't do yahoo cam or any other cam because i have been recorded before... But i do know one site you can watch me on cam, that assures me no one records...
(6:41:05 PM) kij - changing the same: (recording... Desktop video into .ogg)
(6:41:16 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: I mean... Do you want to see me on my cam?
(6:41:35 PM) kij - changing the same: hahahaah.. no no.
(6:41:47 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: Ok, here go to http://www.showinvite.net/acrg and click on "ACCEPT INVITE" on the left or whatever so we can c2c for free
(6:42:24 PM) kij - changing the same: let's have beer.
(6:42:34 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: you might have to fill out your cc info for age verification only, the card won't be charged, thats why i sent you an invite :)
(6:43:21 PM) kij - changing the same: in fact i'm 300++ years old. i'm a vampire, com'on!!
(6:43:30 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: What color Panties do you think i should wear? i might have you favorite color here somewhere...
(6:44:05 PM) kij - changing the same: please wear RED SHIRT and YELLOW UNDERWEAR. (with rainbow-hued shoes)
(6:44:15 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: Your such a good boy, i'm gonna show you what good boys deserve.. you can tell me to do anything you want me too!
(6:44:45 PM) kij - changing the same: yes i'm a boyๆๆๆๆ forever. (if i'm not caught in sunlight)
(6:44:56 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: Ok let me know when you get in so I can throw on these panties :)
(6:45:08 PM) kij - changing the same: show me your neck.
(6:45:12 PM) kij - changing the same: YUMMY.
(6:45:19 PM) inflectqct@hotmail.com: k you in yet babe?? im getting lonely in here :(
(6:45:36 PM) kij - changing the same: vampires are lonely. don't be sad.




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